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Scent: White Tea + Lush Linen

Serenity -

      1. The state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness. 

  1. - a title of honor, respect, or reverence, used in speaking of or to certain members of royalty

This fusion melds the delightful combination of sweet peppermint and invigorating, earthy eucalyptus to create a rejuvenating spa-inspired aroma. Subtle undertones of Cedarwood contribute a layer of depth, making it an ideal fragrance for any season. Meanwhile, the infusion of grapefruit and lemongrass works harmoniously to enliven your senses. The fragrance profile is built upon top notes of lemon, mandarin, white tea, and ozone, followed by a heart of bergamot, ginger, linen, and lily of the valley. The base notes include jasmine, white tea, ozone, sandalwood, and vanilla, ensuring a well-balanced and refreshing olfactory experience.


Top:  Lemon, Mandarin,White tea, Ozone 

Mid: Bergamot, Ginger, Linen, Lily of the Valley 

Base: Jasmine, White Tea, Ozone, Sandalwood, Vanilla 

Luminary Size: 11oz

Top Diameter: 2.63 inches approx.67 mm approx.

Widest Diameter: 3.35 inches approx.85 mm approx.

Base Diameter: 1.96 inches approx.50 mm approx.

Height: 3.8 inches approx.97 mm approx.

Diffuser Size: 200ml

Vessel(s) Settings: Clear Sonoma Tumbler Jar, white wax with a soy wick